The Art Work Of Denise Nielsen and George Worthington

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New Creations
These are our most recent Pieces.
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The collaboration of our husband and wife partnership enhances our highly creative and unique work.
We create soft looking sculptural objects, inspired by nature and fashion, out of hard woods.
Each twist, turn, bend and fold of the life size sculptural wood objects are carved with individually executed pieces fitted together,
then finely sanded and oiled to celebrate the beauty, natural colors and grain of the wood.

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Carved Walnut Box with Ginkgo's and Koi      L 108

 Carved Walnut Box with Gingko's
Koi Carved from Ginkgo wood, with African Blackwood Eyes
 Rare Earth Magnets
Brass Pin and Sleeve Hinge

3.5 inches high x 4 inches in Diameter


We wanted to capture the image of seeing a fish in a pond, just surfacing under some floating leafs. We started by temporarily pinning 2 pieces of Walnut together to form a square block, so we could carve the box as one piece into a spherical shape. After carving all the Ginkgo leafs in place, we carve and fit the Koi fish out of Ginkgo wood. The eyes are carved separately from African Black, they bring the fish to life. Then we take it apart and carve out the inside, fit the brass pin and sleeve to allow the lid to pivot sideways to open and magnets to hold the lid closed. We use India Ink for the black background and finish with a penetrating oil.



    Carved Cherry Box with Oak Leaves     L109

 Cherry Box
Ebony and Bubinga Acorns
Ink used on Background of Leaves
Brass Pin and Tube for the Hinge
Rare Earth Magnets for the Catch

5.5 inches high x 5 inches in Diameter



               Carved Ginkgo Leaf  with Frog   

Satinwood Ginkgo Leaf
Poplar Frog
Ebony and Satinwood Eyes

3.5" Long  x 3.25" Wide x  1" High



 Carved Walnut Oak Leaf     L 103
Walnut Walnut Leaf
Zebra Frog with
Ebony and Satinwood Eyes

3.5" Long  x 3.25" Wide x  .75" High



Carved  Oak  Leaf  with Frog    L 104

Walnut Oak Leaf
Zebra Wood Frog
Ebony and Satinwood Eyes

5" Long  x 3.25" Wide x  .75" High


 Ginkgo Leaf    

Satinwood  Ginkgo Leaf

3.5" Long  x 3" Wide x  .75" High





Carved  Oak  Leaf 

Cherry Oak Leaf

5" Long  x 3" Wide x  1.25" High



Carved  Oak  Leaf 

Cherry Oak Leaf

3" Long  x 2.75" Wide x  .5" High



Satinwood Flowers
Poplar Stems and Leaves
Walnut Pot

3.2" Long  x 2.3" Wide x 3.9" High



 Maple Box
Walnut Lid
Holly Ginkgo Leaf

3.6" Long  x 3.6" Wide x 2" High (including Lid)



Lily in Flower Pot

Satinwood Flower
Bloodwood Stamen on wires
Walnut Stem
Vera Wood Leaves
Walnut Pot

4.5" in Diameter  x 15"  High



Vera Wood Flower
Walnut Stem
Poplar Leaves, Sepals and Stamen
Walnut Base

4.5" wide x 2.5" Deep  x 10" High



Holly Open Flower
Vera Wood Sepals and Leaves
Poplar Stamen
Walnut Stem and Base

4" wide x 2" Deep  x 13" High




Holly Rose
Poplar Leaves
Walnut Stem

3" wide x 2.5" Deep  x 13" High


Paint Pallet

Cherry Pallet
Holly, Ebony, Purpleheart, Satinwood, Bloodwood Dabs
Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Holly, Jarrah, Purpleheart Brushes


4" Long  x 4" Wide x .5" High



          Orange Alabaster Candies on Holly Napkin      8004

3.5" Long  x 3.5" Wide x 1" High



“The Lady Slipper”
Holly Flower Petals
Bloodwood Dots
Satinwood Slipper
 Poplar Heel
Ebony Ribbon and Bow

16 inches high x 7 inches long x 4.5 inches wide

                             Pear Box                      L 88

Cherry Pear
Walnut Stem
Poplar Leaf
Brass Pin and Tube for the Hinge
Rare Earth Magnets for the Catch

4 inches high x 2.5 inches Wide x 4 inches Long



               Apple Box        L 80 

Bloodwood Apple
Walnut Stem
Poplar Leaf
Brass Pin and Tube for the Hinge
Rare Earth Magnets for the Catch

4 inches high (3 inches high not including stem) x 3.5 inches in Diameter
3  inches inside diameter at its widest point.

For the Apple of your eye, Apple for the teacher. This Apple, with the swing top will make a great gift or presentation box for that special occasion. The apple is carved from bloodwood, with its natural red color, walnut stem and carved poplar leaf. The top is held closed with 2 magnets. We carve the lid and the body of the apple as one piece, joined together with little dowel pins. After the outside is carved and pre-sanded, we take it apart and carve out the inside. Fit the pin, sleeve and magnets and then carve the stem and leaf to fit the contours of the apple. Before gluing the stem and leaf on, we finish hand sand with micro-mesh , up to 12,000 grit, to get the shine and show the beautiful grain. The final step is to use a penetrating oil to enhance the natural beauty.




 Egg Teapot

Lacewood Egg
Holly Feathers
Ebony Ring
African Blackwood Stopper
Satinwood Ginkgo Leaf

9 inches high x 7.5 inches long x 3.5 inches wide




To see a video of the making of the teapot
click on the below image:





Sterling Silver Basket

2 inches high x 2 inches long x 2 inches wide



Feather Shoe

Holly Feathers
African Blackwood Egg
Ebony Platform and Heel Cap

13 inches high x 10 inches long x 3.5 inches wide 






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